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The Standard in Plastic Injection Mold Manufacturing

Standard Tool & Mold Inc. Is a full service supplier of injection molds for the plastics industry.
A Minority owned business and proud Member of CAMSC, we have been manufacturing injection molds since 1996. We constantly strive to improve through the utilization of new technologies, advanced equipment, and our dedication to quality.
All of our molds are designed, engineered and constructed to each customers specific product application and company standards.

Our Areas of Expertise

  • Standard Injection
  • Two shot - Rotary and pick and place
  • Insert molding
  • Gas Assist
  • Proto-type Tooling

Please contact us today and experience the 'Standard' in injection molding.

Coming together is a beginning...
Keeping together is progress...
Working together is a success.
By combining our experience, training and innovation, it allows us to be on the cutting edge of technology.